Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Where The Heck Are Chalk & Cheese?

Regular followers of C&C may well be asking themselves, Where the heck are Chalk & Cheese? The answer, my friends, is on the back burner. I was finding it increasingly difficult to justify the time involved in developing the strip - in fact, it had become, at times, another work pressure (and one that didn't pay to boot!)

So it is with great personal regret that I have decided to stop the strip, at least for the time being. This allows me to prioritise my family and develop other projects - I am currently writing some picture book texts, as well as illustrating.

But fear not! I'm sure this won't be the last you'll hear from such an opinionated mouse as Cheese. There's far too much interesting stuff he could say about sasquatch and okapis, and don't even get him started on ducks! Besides, we haven't heard enough from Count Crepuscular...

In the meantime, thanks for being part of the journey!

(You can see what I'm working on at and our Facebook page.)


  1. Tim, it's been such an enormous pleasure to receive Chalk and Cheese in my inbox this past year, so a very heartfelt THANK YOU. Wishing you and your family all the best for a healthy and happy 2014 ahead. Sending hugs to Chalk & Cheese and Bunnifing (a cherished posession here at the Benitez household). :)

  2. Thanks so much, Shirley - hopefully you'll still get the odd strip every now and then. All the best to you and yours too!

  3. Just found your strip and now i read this. Sad. Greetings from Chile. I'm a cartoonist too, Check my website.

    1. Hey Rodrigo, thanks for getting in touch. I enjoyed my run on C&C enormously, but it was becoming too much of a pressure with everything else (ie paid work and a family life!). I took a look at Olof - really nice drawing, shame I don't understand what they're saying! I especially like his big, loosely drawn eyes. Sweet! Hope you keep at it for a good long while. All the best, Tim.

    2. Thanks Tim! Hope To See new strips soon. Love your work. Keep drawing!