Monday, April 30, 2012

Okapis and Blogs

If you're new to C&C, hello and welcome!

When I started the strip last year, I asked myself, 'What's a Blog? which led to Cheese asking the same. Once Cheese had imagined what a Blog would look like, we were away! Chalk has been confused ever since.

I really enjoy drawing Bloggy, who seems to be in a fairly constant state of surprise. I hope Cheese finds him soon...


  1. How did I not know he was an imaginary friend?!!! :)

  2. If it wasn't obvious, blame the creator (although in my defence you started reading a little way into the strip)!! But if you look back, you'll notice that Bloggy only appears when it's just Cheese on his own. A bit like Hobbes reverting to a stuffed toy when someone else is in a panel of Calvin &Hobbes. But to Cheese, of course, Bloggy is real; so maybe it doesn't matter that I slipped that one past you!

  3. I am a HUGE fan of your book! I discovered ChalkAndCheeseComics tonight, began reading them @ 10:27PM (Tues, July 05, 2011), and just finished the last one at 11:35PM (Monday, April 30, 2012)! I also 'liked' you on Facebook, and pinned my favorite strips on Pinterest. (Hopefully you don't have anything against Pinterest.) Keep up the fantastic work!
    P.S. I loved "Cheese's" version of The Imperial March! <3 It made me smile. :)

  4. Hi Julianna, and welcome to Chalk & Cheese Comics! That's impressive, reading through all the strips (hope you read from the bottom up!). Thanks for joining me on FB, too - there may well be some more Cheese soundbites at some point! By the way, I'm glad people share the strip through social media, blogs etc. - just so long as it's not for commercial gain.Keep smiling...