Meet Chalk and Cheese

Chalk is a New York City dog with an irrepressible house guest - Cheese, an English country mouse. These unlikely friends first appeared in the book Chalk & Cheese, in which they embark on a whirlwind tour of the city. Cheese is disappointed not to see King Kong, but at least it snows!

I originally had the idea of an English mouse visiting a dog in NY after a trip to the Big Apple in the early '90s. More than a decade later, inspiration finally struck when I based their characters on what I knew best - life with kids! I just love the randomness of a kid's mind, and as a parent I often find myself lost for words - it's this relationship, that of an adult to a child, that's played out between Chalk and Cheese.

Originally named Ralph and Mouse, Chalk and Cheese take their names from the British phrase 'to be like chalk and cheese', meaning to be complete opposites.
Chalk & Cheese, a story of friendship despite differences, is published in the US by Simon and Schuster. Click here to read some reviews!

from Chalk & Cheese, Simon and Schuster