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Chalk & Cheese Comics is my pet project. I started it in 2011, 3 years after creating the characters in my picture book of the same name. But I found it increasingly difficult to justify the time involved in developing the strip - in fact it had become, at times, another work pressure (and one that didn't pay to boot!).

I've always been passionate about comic strips - in particular the infamous Peanuts (which I grew up with); Calvin and HobbesMutts; and a gem of a strip that I've only just discovered, Cul de Sac. I love their pacing and brevity of words; the simplicity and beauty of the line; the sound effects (WHUMP!) and speech bubbles. I love the unfolding relationships and evolving story lines. Above all I love how they make me feel - they bring a smile to my face and sometimes make me laugh out loud. But they never fail to brighten my day.

So it is was with great personal regret that I made the hard decision to stop the strip, at least for the time being, allowing me to prioritise my family and develop my work as a children's author.

But fear not! I'm sure such an opinionated mouse as Cheese won't be put to rest that easily. There's far too much interesting stuff he could say about sasquatch and okapis - and  don't even get him started on ducks! Besides, I've only just thought of Count Crepuscular...

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from Chalk & Cheese (Simon and Schuster, 2008)

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