Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Holy Nutcrackers!"


  1. Tim Warnes your "AWESOME"

    ENJOY Chalk & Cheese I have two copies of the book :O))


  2. Thanks, Anonymous Patty!! Glad you're enjoying C&C (and thanks for buying the book - twice?!)

  3. Gee Whizzz......I am so HAPPY you replied to my comments Tim :O))

    I LOVE Mice and Barkers and yours are TOPS !!!!

    Take Care & Blessings

    PS: I am from the US

  4. YAP it's me again Tim.......SORRY

    I forgot to ask you are you going to be doing another Chalk and Cheese Book ??


  5. Hello, I got your book "Monty and Milli" It is so lovely!!
    I like the pictures very much.
    This Chalk and Cheese are also cute!

    And I would like to know what "the Scotties" means.
    In your dedication, you said "For Harriet and the Scotties! ~ T W",
    and I don't know what it means......
    Somebody told me < "the Scotties" = "Scottish Terrier>
    and some told me < "the Scotties" = the Scotts = family of Scott>
    Which one is correct?
    I am not a English speaker, please help me.......
    I emaild you but I wrote here again as i guess it is much better.
    Thank You!

    1. Hi Sonia,

      I'm really pleased you like Monty & Milli (and C&C) so much - thanks for taking the time to contact me!

      'The Scotties' is very simple - it refers to a family we're friends with called, you guessed it, the Scotts! Harriet is their daughter. It has nothing to do with Scottie dogs or anyone Scottish!

      Your English by the way seems very good to me!

      Have a great weekend!

    2. Thank you sooooo much! I also got your email.
      Harriet must be an adorable girl, I guess!

  6. Hi Anonymous Patty!

    I'd love to do another C&C book, but nothing's planned. I dream of some publisher discovering the strips and declaring "WHY THE HECK HASN'T ANYONE PUBLISHED THESE?! GET THIS MAN A CONTRACT..."

    Become a fan of our Facebook page and you'll be sure to hear of any news first!

  7. Well I do hope your wants become reality for you Tim :O))

    By the way I do have a lot of other books that are illustrated by you I am a collected of children's picture books :O))))))

    THANKS so much for your time it is very much appreciated......

    The Best 2 U and Yours

  8. Hi Anonymous Patty,

    Glad to hear you have more of my books!!!! Check out our Facebook comp for a chance to win a copy of Jane's latest Bear book!

    Best wishes to you too,